The Starlike garage is going to be a recurring feature showcasing the cars driven by me and friends of the blog. They will include pictures, videos and reviews…

So starting us off is my current beast, the much loved E46 M3. I bought the car in late 2014 after realising the insurance was finally at an affordable level. I had to keep in mind that at the time I needed a daily driver for doing roughly 15-20 miles a day to work, so it had to be a bit more comfortable and less noisy than my previous car (more on that at a later date!)

I went to go and see it in person after spotting it on an Autotrader ad and left the same day with it. The spec is as follows:

  • 2005 (facelift)
  • Full black leather interior with uprated sound system and big screen sat nav
  • Silver-grey with black E92 M3 alloys
  • Just over 100k miles and FSH

Here’s a few pictures

The mean front end is what always drew me to the E46
That ass though…….
Awesome cabin in my opinion

So what’s it like? In a word, brilliant. Solid without being too heavy, fast but always in control (unless you take the TC off!) and sports car looks but low key enough to fly under the radar when needed. I’m not going to say it’s a sleeper, because everyone knows what it is, but you can drive past police without getting pulled over every ten minutes.

However, if you put your foot down…..

For a completely standard car, I think it sounds pretty nice indeed!

Taking in the view...
Taking in the view…

The eagle eyed among you may notice where the above picture is taken, I won’t go into it too much, but there’s a full article on that coming soon.

Since owning the car I added an OEM short shift kit which sharpened up the changes so much it was unreal, and to think, it was only the same throw as a 330D! I also added some Corbeau clubsport seats which change the feel of the car so much, immediate racecar mode enabled!


I’m extremely happy with the way the car held up on the trip, it made it from the UK to Germany on one tank of fuel which is outstanding for a 3.2 straight six, we weren’t granny driving it either I can tell you…

If anyone’s thinking about buying one, do it, you won’t regret it in the slightest. If you need a balanced car, both in composure and practicality, then it’s perfect for you, extremely capable in terms of pace and handling. Then you can just cruise home in sixth with the Harmon Kardon stereo blaring, bliss!

More on the blue one soon....
More on the blue one soon….

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