Tuner car heaven at UK Time attack

If there’s ever a kind of motorsport that embraces the tuner car culture, it’s time attack events. Teams and individuals pushing their beasts to the limit in the name of shaving tenths, hundredths or even thousandths from their lap times.

Because of this, it makes perfect sense to twin Tunerfest with UK time attack at Brand’s Hatch, so of course, we had to get involved…

Before we took in the track action, we headed to the paddock to check out the cars on display, we weren’t disappointed.




This super aggressive, wide, mean looking BMW demanded attention, slammed on some nice bronze wheels, it really stood out.


Even this Lambo seemed subtle in comparison!



Considering I never used to be a fan of the R8, with a wing, I am well and truly sold. It’s rare to see them in this awesome red colour too, really suits the car, much more than the usual silver and black examples you come across.



Forge Motorsport’s take on the JPS livery looked awesome on this little but mean VW, you see a lot of these kinds of builds at the ‘ring, there must be a good reason.


At the Kleers stand, this E46 M3 was sitting pretty with some choice mods and a nice paint job.


Our local BTCC team, AMD, had their car on display with Cobra exhausts. The S3 saloon is a brilliant looking car and the wide body really adds to it. If you’re reading this guys, can we come and have a look around one day? 🙂


The MK3 Focus RS sporting the AutoSpecialists widebody kit, I still haven’t made my mind up on this, some angles I really like it, others not so much. From here, I’m definitely on board!


What would a tune event be without everyone’s favourite monster?


If that badge means what you think, then it really is a monster!


Litchfield is one of the biggest names in GTR tuning in the UK, you tend to see at least a handful of their cars at every event you go to.



This R33 was something a bit special too, laden in carbon fibre and wearing some very special decals. If you know, you know.



This R34 belongs to one of Mike’s friends, I hope we can get some time with it in the near future to bring you the inside scoop!



At the other end of the vehicular scale, who can say no to a classic Aston?


Keeping the British theme, this Mini was MEGA clean, it really stood out because of that. I’d love to build one of these as a classic distance rally car, definitely on the bucket list.


How about some moden British metal? This blue is one of the most amazing colours I’ve seen in person.


The Lotus boys were out in force too.


Does it get much more gangster than this? So badass.


Classic Datsun done right. This is another car I would absolutely love to own.


Along with this NSX in nardo grey, it really modernises the car, amazing what a paint job can do.


Ugh, DC5’s in red are just too much for me to handle, I do miss the 9k revs of my JDM Type-R, one of these could easily tempt me back.




If you happen to be the owner or know who is, PLEASE get in touch, we’d love to know more about this thing. It seems sort of based on an Atom, but has a huge intercooler mounted on the top, along with an odd seat setup. Bonkers.


I held back on showing you guys this, since it was a very special one.


Finally seeing one of these in person is just breathtaking, the lines, the carbon fibre body, wheels, everything, all coming together to make an insanely fast car made to be driven hard. If you ever get the chance, make sure to watch the documentary with Mr Koenigsegg himself made by //Drive, it really shows the level of attention to detail in these cars.

Stay tuned for an overview of the cars on track for the UK Time Attack event going on throughout the day, there were some really impressive builds of all kinds.




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