VOTD: AMMONYC 964 track time

Today’s featured videos are from Larry at AMMONYC, in case you don’t know him, he’s a professional detailer based in the US. He works on some of the most beautiful cars around, super cars. classics, even race cars, he really is at the absolute top of his game.

Aside from the detailing, it’s fairly apparent that Larry has a huge passion for cars which really comes through in his videos as well as the commitment to his craft. If you’ve seen his videos, you’ll know he doesn’t just clean cars, he drives them. Properly.

His Porsche 964 is absolutely stunning, yet sees a fair amount of track time, recently, he’s released some videos of his experiences on track and under tuition and has produced a brilliant video for both beginners and advanced drivers. They’re both well worth a look, especially if you’re planning on putting your pride and joy through its paces on the track.

Make sure to visit his YouTube channel for tonnes more videos on detailing, track driving and upgrading his car. also check his Facebook page as there’s plenty on there to keep you entertained as well.




All credits for videos go to Larry Kosilla / AMMONYC.com


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