Sim racing: GT86 Nordschleife

So you’re due to take a trip to the Nurburgring and you want to drive the Nordschleife? How do you prepare? Watch endless YouTube videos of onboard videos – check, watch the crash videos and learn what not to do – check. How about driving it first…

I know a lot of car guys are getting into sim racing with the quality of the software and hardware increasing all the time,one of my favourite ‘sims’ is Assetto Corsa, I tend to play with a steering wheel and pedals and smash out a few laps a night on the ‘ring, it certainly helped me learn the layout! The below video is one of my early laps using the M235i racing and driving the tourist layout, not perfect but definitely fun.

We’re going to run a feature on sim racers and their setups in the near future so hold tight!


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