Coverage: Pistonheads Sunday Service March 2017

The last Pistonheads Sunday service was such a great day with a wide variation of cars, when we saw 2017’s first one pop up, we had to go!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so great, but regardless of this, lots of interesting cars made the trip out.

Pistonheads_050317__17 copy

Pistonheads_050317__1 copy

I’m a fan of the M2, but sometimes in pictures it doesn’t look all that mean, in person though, the square stance really shows it off well.

Pistonheads_050317_ copy

Next to it was this GT3, one we’ve seen before, but still purposeful.

Pistonheads_050317__37 copy

I still maintain the 458 is one of the best looking modern Ferrari’s out there and they aren’t exactly slow either!

Pistonheads_050317__26 copy

Parked next to it was this Carrera (I believe), sporting the classic Gulf livery – it stood out on a grey day like this, that’s for sure.

Pistonheads_050317__31 copy

Pistonheads_050317_MIKE__17 copy

We also spotted this obviously well used GT3, covered in road grime. There’s something satisfying about that though, the fact that it’s not just a garage queen and the owner actually uses it – thumbs up from us.

Pistonheads_050317__30 copy

Pistonheads_050317__36 copy

The unmistakable angles of the Lamborghini Huracan, this one somehow managed to stay clean, too.

Pistonheads_050317_MIKE__20 copy

It wouldn’t be a Starlike post without a purple GT3RS…

Pistonheads_050317_MIKE__22 copy

I was told the owner stopped by on his way home from a track day on the Saturday. Unfortunately it didn’t come on track here – maybe next time.

Pistonheads_050317__14 copy

Pistonheads_050317__23 copy

Pistonheads_050317__3 copy

Did we mention there were track sessions too?

Pistonheads_050317_MIKE__3 copy

As you can see, conditions were less than ideal, but it didn’t stop our friend, Craig, from putting the hammer down. He was going really well in his Mountune Fiesta.

Pistonheads_050317_MIKE__16 copy

This 991 GT3 was also doing some laps.

Pistonheads_050317__41 copy

Pistonheads_050317__2 copy

We managed to snap a couple of shots in the paddock, as well as a warm startup video from the gargae.

We also got spotted, so thanks to TomFum photography!

Overall, still a great day, despite the weather and we will certainly be back!

Catch the full album of photos HERE and HERE and for the track pictures HERE.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Jay (@jaydaniels_)


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