2015 Nurburgring Trip (Part three)

So, after a huge delay, (apologies!) – the final part of the 2015 ‘Ring trip is here, check it out and be sure to let us know what you think!

After our antics on track, we thought we’d try and enjoy the last full day in Germany, so went and did a bit of car spotting, we managed to see a fair few cool cars, the area is brimming with them!

Please check out the link at the end with the full gallery for more!

We headed up to a restaurant near the BMW test center and enjoyed some traditional German… pasta? Well combined with a cold beer, it was delicious, and more car spotting!

Loving the blue on the new M3!

We headed back to the hotel, ready for the next day’s long drive back to the UK, almost time to leave :(.

So the trip home…We got the cars loaded up and set the sat nav for the UK – or did we?

We ended up taking the scenic route out of Germany due to a ton of road closures, we weren’t in any rush though, and at least the view was good.

After a couple of hours, we arrived at our destination, do you recognise it?

That’s right, we stopped in Spa Franchorchamps, on an F1 weekend no less!

We had a quick wander through the forest at the back of the F1 pits, it was cool to see the teams beavering away!

It was great to take in the atmosphere of a race weekend, having been here for the race last year, I knew what it was like and wanted to share with the guys.

As usual, some enthusiasts were in town…

The noise of this thing was absolutely brutal, definitely sounded like straight pipes to me!

We headed into the town to take in the sights and get some souvenirs, check out the architecture!

Nice M3 there if I do say so myself 😉

After loading up on chocolate and grabbing some lunch, we hit the road, destined for Calais, somehow we ended up crossing through the Netherlands, shame you don’t get your passport stamped!

We stopped off for some food on the way back at some services, stretched our legs and hit the road, anticipating issues at the port….

We checked in and waited for our train, the boarding time came and went, at this point we were worried due to the ongoing problems with people trying to cross illegally.

Eventually we were called to queue up…

We then got chatting to a guy in his C63 AMG, talking about the trip and cars in general, just goes to show you meet car people everywhere!

While this was going on, we noticed some torches moving through the bushes, sounds of barking dogs and shouting. It stopped and we were asked to get back into the cars, finally. It seems some refugees were trying to get to the UK as well!

As we passed the police and security with them in custody, they walked up to our cars and were giving us the thumbs up, so of course, me and Mike, along with the C63, gave them all something to hear in the form of some quick revs – all in good spirits.

We had a calm drive home and went our separate ways, but already thinking of the next trip – we absolutely have more to tick off this year!


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