2015 Nurburgring Trip (Part two)

We killed the morning and early afternoon by visiting the museum at the Nurburgring complex, there’s some really interesting things to see and do there, and for a pretty small fee too really.


Mike on the pit wall for BMW/Sauber…


If I had the money, I’d have got my M3 built up to look like this!

A legendary design for me!


We decided it’d be a good idea to learn about the parts we’re sure to break later on in the day….

There’ll be a link to more, but I definitely recommend you check it out when you’re there.

We also wanted to check out some of the other vantage points of the track that day, especially the famous carousel, so drove to roughly where it was on all the tourist maps and parked up. We bumped into a group who were visiting from Italy, they were also heading to the same place, so we tagged along!

After near enough an hour of walking through the forest, we finally came to it, one of the most famous corners on the track.

We hung around for an hour or so, watching the cars fly past, covering the throttle, which is particularly interesting with things like the F-Type and a certain new //M car….

As we were walking back, we spotted the old part of the track, it’s insane to believe cars used to actually drive this section, it’s so incredibly steep!


We decided to stop and get some fuel on the way back and of course it was a perfect opportunity to visit the location of many a YouTube video…


We still had some time left before the evening track opening, so set about getting some photos of the cars and the amazing landscape…

For those that don’t know, this is literally next to the main straight, so it’s common to hear the cars testing top speed along the straight!

We also managed to get a video or two….



We then headed to the track and got out and enjoyed ourselves some more, this time we upped the pace a little bit and I even managed to kill my brakes before the end of the lap!

Here’s a couple of pictures from that session…




Stay tuned for the final part of this blog which covers the final day, as well as a stop off in a very special town in Belgium on a racing weekend…


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