Coverage: The cars of Brands Hatch

As well as the various racing series’ at Brands, there were also a huge amount of super cars on display – from classics to modern exotics. I’ve put this post together to highlight a few of my favourites, enjoy!


Even before I got through the gates, there was this trio, a 911 Turbo S, a 918 Spyder and a GT3RS in what I consider to be the best colour.


Just to make my point! Although I am still a die hard fan of the 997 version, I have to say, in this particular configuration, it really does look the part.


This Ultima GTR looked absolutely bonkers, I can’t imagine it’s much fun to drive anywhere but open roads or on the track, but who cares?! It’s awesome.



A very different kind of GTR was hugely well represented. I still love the R35 and eagerly await Nissan’s next incarnation.


Loving this colour, subtle but impressive.


How about a balls to the wall version? Complete with canards, huge front splitter and ridiculous rear wing? Oh yeah and a claimed 900bhp from Litchfield, I’m in.



Lots of attention to detail on this, somewhat resembling some of the TopSecret cars I think?


Having got used to seeing Lamborghinis in loud colours, this example reminded me of how menacing they can look in black.


Something I’d like to own at some point is a Noble, hardcore, silly fast and probably one of the rarer cars of its type to see on the road – lovely.


McLaren can seemingly do no wrong at the moment with their road cars and with the 650s, it’s easy to see why they get so much love.


Beautiful colours as well.


A little further round I saw my first GT12 in person, Aston’s entry into the track ready supercar market. Considering some of the controversy over the naming of the car, it was ironic what it was parked opposite…


You must recognise this detail surely?


Yep, another GT3RS, this time in orange, amazing to see all of the aero up close on the 991.


Let’s go back to the 90’s, one of the most iconic cars for someone growing up in the Playstation generation, the NSX. To see one is rare, but two together? A dream come true.


From the same era, one of my favourite cars in existence, the R34 GTR. You really cannot beat it’s muscular features and striking colour.


Talking of muscle, how about this Murcielago? I forgot just how much presence these have.


On the more modern side, this Huracan looked purposeful just rolling through the car park area – stay tuned for some race car versions of this on track.


One of my favourite Porsches with one of the most recognisable liveries, absolute class.


The lines on the XJR-15 are absolutely stunning! So much heritage too.



A car I’ve never been a massive fan of – but how can you argue with the numbers? Credit where credit’s due, Bugatti definitely stepped up the supercar game with the Veyron.



In my opinion, one of the greatest Ferraris of all time, very analogue, very raw and extremely hard to tame.




Tucked away all alone, poor Diablo probably wanted to play!




Another brilliant looking moden McLaren – the 570S.


Taxi! Now this is an Uber I’d sign up for – very cool.

The supercar display was a brilliant addition to the weekends’ racing, giving you something to enjoy no matter what your taste is. Well done to Brands for organising it, top work!

Hold fire for the ‘Ultra cars’ – they will be posted soon in a separate article.


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