Coverage: Cars and Coffee with BoostedUK

Sunday 19th of June saw brilliant sunshine for most of the UK, meaning a perfect day for a drive and a chat with fellow petrol heads. After getting the car cleaned up the day before, I headed from Essex up to Aylesbury, more specifically the Akeman Inn, where Boosted UK were hosting this month’s cars and coffee.

We were advised to arrive early to ensure a decent spot and they certainly weren’t wrong! The car park was all but full by 9am.



Cars of all kinds had made the trip, including this pair of Nobles.


…and this lovely example of an S15, the owner is currently waiting on a new set of wheels to really finish it off too.


One of its older brothers from the S-family.


More into hot hatches? The Megane guys have you covered, a great showing!


Interestingly, this Clio 200 sporting a very famous racing livery…


With what looks like an engine swap from an R26 Megane, VERY cool!


How about something a bit more exotic? the colour was amazing in the sunshine.


This black Supra was sitting absolutely beautifully on a set of XXR wheels…


Very cool.


Lovely pair of night and day Evo X’s




In fact Japanese metal was very well represented!


With something completely different just across the car park.


The massive V12 shoehorned in.


And such beautiful lines.


Fords were well represented as always, with various examples of two generations of Focus RS – just missing the MK3!


Sometimes some subtle mods are all that are needed…


..And sometimes you can go much further.

Either way, all of the cars on show were outstanding, spanning generations and purposes. Well done everyone for the turnout and thank you Boosted UK for hosting, I’ll definitely be along again in the future.

More pictures can be found here.

Please feel free to ask any owners to give me a shout, would be more than interested in chatting to them a bit more, send them to the contact page here or Twitter/Facebook on @starlikeuk.


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