Coverage: BoostedUK Cars and Coffee July

Since the last BoostedUK event was such a success, I decided to make the trip up from Essex again this month to see what was in store, this time I was accompanied by friends and fellow RS owners, Mike and James, as well as Colver and a few of his friends who we met up with nearby.

When we arrived, we could already see it was busier than last time, so much so that we would have struggled to get parked on the hardstanding had we been a few minutes later. Fortunately, we got pitched up together and went for a wander…

This time, there was an even bigger variation of cars and styles.


There were some old favourites in the form of some extremely tidy Supras..


Always a welcome sight with boost like that on tap!


As well as the Renault Sport boys representing very also!


I love this part of the car in particular, simple but functional.


Mike captured the sculpted behind on this R26, these are really fun and capable cars, both on the road and track and I’d definitely think twice before trying it on through the twisties!


Perhaps you’re after something a bit more exotic? We’ve got you covered.



We MAY have been caught drooling over this, absolutely beautiful.

Sticking with the British theme, this Lotus was a lovely example..



Paired up with a Noble, you could have a LOT of fun…


If it’s track work you’re after, (and why wouldn’t you be?) how about these E46 M3’s looking properly sorted on aggressive camber and sticky tyres..


DSC_0095 well as a few other toys…

DSC_0097 make a purposeful and mean track weapon..


Of course you don’t necessarily have to go to such lengths to put your own stamp on a car, a few simple touches can really change the look.


This Golf GTI looked great sitting on BBS wheels and Porsche brakes, obviously a racing fan too!


I find it so interesting how cars can be similar and yet so different depending on their owners and their requirements.


For instance, this 911 was absolutely mint, I would assume only used as a summer car and guarded from the elements..



..whereas this one was obviously well driven, stone chips on the front, bucket seats, all suggesting a more track orientated life. Brilliant.

Talking of 911s, this turbo was oozing performance.



Assuming it’s been worked on by Litchfield, it’s probably packing some serious firepower.


Center locks on a road car. Yes. Just yes.

And now for something completely different……..



This is seriously cool, it’s mad how far cars have come since then…



No hybrids or satnavs here!

Fast forward to the modern day and something equally cool but infinitely more complicated.


The paint on this car was very impressive, from a distance, it just looks like a nice shade of red, however, on closer inspection…

DSC_0100 awesome metallic flake shimmers in the sun, class!


..But matte black always works for me.


I really liked this touch on a nearby 350z, but did he ever have his car? (Groan!)


I must admit, I do have a thing for wagon versions of iconic cars, this was no exception, great colour, great front end, great wheels and a shed load of room for…stuff?


All in all it was a really brilliant day with a HUGE variety of cars and owners, real credit due to the Boosted UK guys for putting it together and the owners for making it a sociable event.

For more pictures from the meet, click here and here –  feel free to contact regarding arranging any features or shoots if you’re interested.




Words and pictures: Jay Daniels

Additional pictures: Michael King


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