Spotlight: Living the corkscrew life at Laguna Seca

Since we launched the Starlike blog and Instagram page, we’ve been in awe at the extremely talented photographers out there. One we’ve been following for a while is Jordan Nishida, otherwise known as Corkscrewlife.

Full aero kit and no roof, why the hell not?

Jordan provides top notch content from the Laguna Seca raceway, hence being named after the infamous ‘corkscrew’ corner, consisting of a blind crest and near three storey drop!

With the extras on this Mustang, it looks ready to race!

As well as the circuit, his territory stretches out to the San Francisco bay area as well.


Huge car crush on the 911 GT3 – we NEED to have a go in one soon!

Having such a great venue within reasonable distance must be a brilliant opportunity.

But a classic 911 still does it for me.
Godzilla putting the power down.
Some British metal, doing it for the homeland!

Clearly Jordan isn’t wasting that opportunity, his talent is obvious through the range of shots he’s captured.


The pictures in this post are hand picked by him as his favourites and we can see why!

More doors more…trackdays?

Also, can we just take a second to recognise all the awesome cars turning up to get thrashed round one of the toughest circuits in the US? A massive mix of classics, JDM heroes and modern supercars – just the way we like it!

Hopefully we can work with Jordan again in the future to bring you some more of his brilliant photos. Perhaps we could head over for an IMSA event next year and do a collaboration? 😉

Please make sure you follow Jordan on Instagram at to see more of his slick work.

Of course, don’t forget us either!

Thanks a lot for reading and huge shout out to Jordan for letting us share his material!


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