London Classic Car Show 2017

After hearing that the London classic car show was on just 30 minute from me at the Excel centre in London, I decided to kill some time on a Saturday morning.

I thought it would be a good idea to head up there early as the weekends at these kinds of shows are always busy, so off I went in the work wagon (currently a very comfortable Skoda Octavia!), camera charged and ready to see some cool cars.

The centre was split into two halls, one for classics, one for classic race cars, in the interest of keeping it interesting, I’ll mix and match.

First and foremost, if you’re not into the Porsche brand, you’ll be upset as there were…quite a few.

LCCS_250217__79 copy

LCCS_250217__25 copy

LCCS_250217__26 copy

Loving the skittle-esque colours on these two.

LCCS_250217__48 copy

LCCS_250217__91 copy

Two more, both sporting orange details, very cool.

LCCS_250217__43 copy

LCCS_250217__42 copy

This car was very interesting, a fully restored example on display by Paul Stephens, it sat absolutely perfectly and almost reminded me of the Singer cars, it was that good.

LCCS_250217__139 copy

LCCS_250217__138 copy

Porsche club GB has some amazing prints on display made by one of their members, each depicting an iconic moment in the brand’s racing history. I REALLY wanted one of the Martini prints, the colours are so vivid.

The ladies on the stand were also very polite and knowledgeable and took the time to talk about the display and some of their history – thank you very much!

LCCS_250217__50 copy

LCCS_250217__38 copy

Talking of bright colours, here’s a couple of cars sharing a very iconic livery, after the Martini stripes, this is my next favourite – can we get a Gulf F1 team please?

LCCS_250217__36 copy

In fact there were quite a few famous liveries, like this pair of Rothmans Porches, from very different motorsports.


LCCS_250217__61 copy

As well as these two, hmm, are we seeing a theme as to what the liveries are inspired by?

LCCS_250217__71 copy

Here’s a classic, this was allegedly one of a certain Mr McRae’s cars, amazing to be in its presence.

LCCS_250217__22 copy

Another iconic rally car and one close to my heart. Because of this car, my trust Focus RS exists. Thank you, Ford.

LCCS_250217__82 copy

LCCS_250217__118 copy

The F40 and F50, both equally as crazy as each other.

LCCS_250217__115 copy

LCCS_250217__113 copy

I’m not so great on classic Ferraris, but judging by the plates, a 250 GTO and 275 GTB respectively, very smooth lines on both of these.

LCCS_250217__65 copy

Not so much here, very sharp and angular.

LCCS_250217__86 copy

Love the boxy lines of the Quattro.

So we’ve established there were some very cool classic cars there, what else you ask? Well, some undoubtedly future classics were on display.

LCCS_250217__9 copy

This GT3RS for example.

LCCS_250217__108 copy

The ‘slightly’ more attainable Evo Tommi Mäkinen edition, looking absolutely mint.

LCCS_250217__18 copy

At the other end of the scale, the absolutely bonkers, so called ‘holy trinity’.

LCCS_250217__120 copy

LCCS_250217__121 copy

I managed to get up close and personal with another LaFerrari and take in some of the details, absolutely stunning.

LCCS_250217__85 copy

Peering menacingly over to the side was an Aston Martin Vulcan. If you’ve seen out videos from Brands Hatch, you know this thing sounded amazing.

LCCS_250217__33 copy

LCCS_250217__29 copy

LCCS_250217__30 copy

This beast is the RUF RtR, a kind of GT3/911 Turbo hybrid. This particular one is the first right hand drive version, I bet it’s a real handful, making of 800 horsepower!

LCCS_250217__80 copy

And so that brings our coverage to an end, please make sure to check the links below for the full gallery of photos, there are some crackers in there!


Aside from photos, I did manage to take something else away…



A genuine, used Mercedes F1 wheel, I’m told it’s from the Schumi/Rosberg days, which is just awesome. Now, I just need to figure out where to put it…

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